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Account Deletion

(Last Updated 23th Oct 2023)

Steps to delete your Account from the App:

1) Go to the app and click on the Settings icon

2) Click on the "Delete Account" button.

3) Type "DEL" and click on Confirm.

Steps to delete your Account if app is already uninstalled:

1) Send an email to

2) The title should be "Delete Account Request"

3) The email should be from the Google Play account that you downloaded the game from.

4) Specify your Display name

What data is deleted when I delete an account?

All data associated with the player account is deleted, including data such as statistics, custom data, inventory, purchases, virtual currency balances, characters, group memberships, publisher data, credential data, account linkages, friends list, PlayStream event data, and telemetry event data. Removes the player from all leaderboards and player search indexes. It may take some time before all player data is fully deleted. Upon completion of the deletion, an email will be sent to the notification email address for the title confirming the deletion.



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